About Us

Our Research. Your Profits!

Cryptonaire is a cryptocurrency research firm that takes pride in understanding and being the first movers within the crypto-currency and block-chain industry. Unlike other investment analysis media sites, we solely focus on crypto-currencies which we believe gives us the edge against others in this field. Founded in 2015, we have quickly built momentum and strength within the community with hundreds of thousands of users depending on our research and information for their trading experience. We focus on three core principles at Cryptonaire, transparency, safe trading and integrity. We have a strict zero-tolerance for bias and conflict of interest policy for our employees and contractors. We have zero affiliations with all cryptocurrencies and exchanges. Although, we keep close ties with them to ensure the safety and security for cryptocurrencies and blockchains as a whole.

Cryptonaires sole mission is to do accurate research and analysis to allow our analysts to issue progressive and profitable projections. Our recommendations will never be skewed and will always be in the best interest of our investors and readers. Harnessed with the greatest team on crypto-currencies, we are able to offer our investors advice on how to take positions within the crypto-market. With this fountain of knowledge within our organization, we believe that we can advise investors on how to make short, medium and long-term decisions on the crypto-market.

Aside from our proven track record of returns from our investments, Cryptonaire offers to its subscribers and visitors key moves to watch for, top picks, and trending picks that allow its readers to be confident in their investments.

Cryptonaires sole drive and ambition is to help others learn how to build wealth over time through knowledge and patience about crypto-currencies. The crypto-trading industry is extremely volatile and we do our best to lower the risk factor through our verification process, to give our investors the satisfaction and confidence they deserve.

* Past returns do not guarantee future results
* Crypto-Trading is risky and could lead to a total loss.