Verified Digital Assets

Digital Assets are cryptocurrencies that hold value and is also approved for investments, trading and virtual possessions. With the amount of growing interest, users are turning over to cryptocurrencies for investment purposes. After bitcoin, there were many alternative coins founded to diversify the options and uses for these digital assets. Investing or even just buying cryptocurrency is extremely volatile and could potentially lead to losing the value of your holdings. We have a team of analysts that review all cryptocurrency submissions to ensure an easier selection of investments for any investor. We only conduct research and forecasts on Verified Digital Assets (VDA) for our investors and visitors. Please remember that cryptocurrencies are volatile. The list below does not have any order. This is a list of cryptocurrencies that have constant flow of high volume, minimal pumps/dumps, functional products or fueled tokens and conduct their digital asset in a professional manner: Verified Digital Assets (VDA): *We review all cryptocurrency submissions very thoroughly and we take every review very seriously. This list is constantly being updated, however we cannot guarantee full accuracy and you are encouraged to do your own research and due diligence. Cryptonaire is not responsible for any losses. Cryptocurrencies that were created as a result of a chain-split / fork; may be eligible to be verified if the asset meets all of our requirements, and a representative approval. However, the digital asset must avoid using the same name of the original chain. If the administrators/contributors feel that they are unable to do so, they must clearly indicate that the asset was forked from the original chain on the official website for visibility and to avoid confusion for investors.