Verified Coins

With the amount of growing interest users are turning over to cryptocurrencies for investment purposes. After bitcoin, there were many alternative coins founded to diversify the options and uses for these securities. Investing or even just buying cryptocurrency is extremely volatile and could potentially lead to losing the value of your cryptocurrency. We have a team of analysts that review all cryptocurrency submissions with the development team to ensure an easier selection of investments for any investor. Please remember that all cryptocurrencies are volatile and is always risky to trade. The list below does not have any order. This is a list of cryptocurrencies that have constant flow of volume, lesser pumps/dumps, and conduct their digital asset in a professional manner:

Verified Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin (BTC)
Litecoin (LTC)
Monero (XMR)
Ethereum (ETH)
Ripple (XRP)
Dash (DASH)
Factom (FCT)
Ethereum Classic (ETC)
Iconomi (ICN)
ZCash (ZEC)
Dash (DASH)
MaidSafeCoin (MAID)
GameCredits (GAME)
ZCoin (XZC)
Stratis (STRAT)
Steem (STEEM)
Decred (DCR)
Golem (GNT)
DigixDAO (DGD)
Stellar Lumens (XLM)
Siacoin (SC)
Syscoin (SYS)
Augur (REP)
Namecoin (NMC)
Antshares (ANS)

*We review all cryptocoins and submissions very thoroughly and we take every review very seriously.